TICO is currently developing educational information to assist TICO registrants understand the requirements under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05.

Tico Tips Tutorial on Trust Reconciliations

In the Trust Reconciliations tutorial you will be provided with step-by-step procedures on the basic methodology of preparing a trust reconciliation. This tutorial will equip you with an understanding of trust balances and how to preparing a trust reconciliation, a chief component of trust accounting compliance.

Tools for Success Compliance Tutorial

TICO has developed interactive tools to help you succeed and to assist you with being compliant with the travel legislation.  These tools are important and will give you the assistance you need to check your invoicing and advertising and will also help you provide the required disclosure at the time of booking.  Please click and view and if you have any questions, please contact TICO’s Compliance Department.

TicoTips For Working Capital

In the Working Capital tutorial you will be guided through a sample calculation of working capital.  Use the balances from your latest balance sheet to determine the amount of working capital for your business.  Then, based on the last reported annual Gross Ontario Sales, compare the amount of working capital you calculated to the minimum amount that must be maintained as shown on the working capital table in this TICO Tips lesson.